Privacy Policy

Gathering information

The person responsible for processing personal data is Wisibility Sagl from now on called Referent.
The Contact collects different types of information for operational efficiency and to provide the customer with the best products and services and the best possible user experience. Some of this information is provided directly by the user. Others are generated by looking at how you interact with your products and services. Others are available from other sources that could be combined with the data collected directly. Regardless of their sources, the Referent believes that the important thing is to treat the information carefully in order to ensure that the user’s privacy is respected. Information is collected that reveals the user’s interaction with the services, including the browser used, ip address, location, cookies or other unique identifier, pages visited, and functions used. When you are prompted for personal information, you can decline. If you do not provide this information, some features or services may not be usable.

How to collect: Different methods and technologies are used to collect information about the user’s use of sites and services, such as: Web forms, such as when the user enters information into a registration form or when you enter a search string in a search box.

How personal information is used

The Contact uses the information collected to make the products and services offered work, improve and customize. For example, other companies’ services can be used to help the Contact person geographically locate the user from the IP address to customize certain services available in the user’s home area. This information can also be used to communicate with you, such as informing you of an expiring subscription, the availability of security updates, or the actions you can take to keep an active account.

Reasons for sharing personal information

Personal information is shared with permission. The Contact person may share information with or disclose information to other subsidiaries and affiliates controlled by the Contact and with suppliers or agents working on behalf of the Contact. For example, companies in charge of the Contact to provide customer support or help protect systems and services may need to access personal information to provide certain features. In these cases, companies must comply with the Requestewoman’s data privacy requests and are not authorized to use the information for any other purpose. Disclosure of personal information may also be used in the case of commercial transactions such as mergers or asset sales. Finally, the Contact person can access, disclose and store personal information, including private content (such as email content, other private communications or files in private folders) when in good faith he believes it is necessary to: comply with the law in vigorously or to respond to a valid legal process by the relevant authorities, including law enforcement and government agencies; protect customers, for example to prevent spam or fraud attempts against service users, or to help prevent people from losing lives or serious injuries; apply and maintain the security of services, including preventing or blocking an attack on systems or networks; or protect the rights or property of the Contact, such as enforcing the terms governing the use of services; However, if the Contact person receives information indicating that third parties use its services to circulate stolen intellectual or physical property, it will not analyse customers’ private content on their own, but may refer to judicial authorities. Some of the sites or services include links to third-party sites or services that provide privacy policies other than the Contact’s. If personal information is sent to one of these sites or services, the information is governed by the privacy policies of these third parties.

Communications preferences

If you receive unwanted promotional emails, you can contact them by email to avoid receiving them in the future.

Location-based services

Se l’utente utilizza un servizio o una funzione basato/a sulla localizzazione, i dati sulla cella disponibile, i dati sulla rete Wi-Fi e i dati del GPS potrebbero essere inviati al Referente. Il Referente utilizza le informazioni di localizzazione per fornire all’utente i servizi richiesti, personalizzarne l’esperienza e migliorare i prodotti e i servizi. Alcuni servizi potrebbero consentire di controllare quando tali informazioni di localizzazione sono inviati al Referente o resi disponibili a terzi. In alcuni casi, le informazioni di localizzazione risultano fondamentali per il servizio e potrebbero richiedere la disinstallazione della funzione o l’interruzione del servizio, qualora l’utente intenda interrompere l’invio d’informazioni di localizzazione. Fare riferimento alla documentazione fornita con il dispositivo per informazioni su come disattivare le funzionalità di localizzazione.

Other important privacy information

Below you can find more information about the privacy that you might find important. In particular, common procedures are described for the sector, but the Referent believes that each user is aware of this. Note that this information is not a complete description of the procedures; this is only a supplement to the more specific information contained in another part of this privacy policy. The Contact is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Several security technologies and procedures are used to protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. The transmission of highly sensitive data (such as a password or credit card number) over the Internet is secured by encryption, such as With Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The password used to protect your accounts and personal information must be carefully stored by you in order to ensure their secrecy. Do not share your password. If you share access to your computer, you should always log off before you leave a site or service to protect access to information from users who will use the computer later.
Where information is stored and processed
Personal information collected on sites and services will be stored and processed in the countries where the Contact, its affiliates, associates, or service providers are based. The Contact person can retain personal information for various reasons, such as meeting legal obligations, resolving disputes, enforcing agreements, and, when necessary, providing services.
Privacy Policy Changes
Privacy policies may be updated periodically to respond to customer requests and changes in our services. If an information changes, the “last update” date at the top of the document is changed. In the event of substantial changes to the policy or if the Referent decides to change the way personal information is used, these changes will be published in a visible manner before they take effect, or they will be notified directly to the user. We recommend that you regularly review the privacy policy for the products and services used in order to know how to protect the information adopted by the Contact.