BRISSAGO ISLANDS: A sub-tropical oasis on Lake Maggiore

BRISSAGO ISLANDS: A sub-tropical oasis on Lake Maggiore

The Brissago Islands (Isola Grande and Isola Piccola) are a natural and cultural heritage of invaluable value.

The smaller island (or Isola di Sant’Apollinare) is covered by spontaneous vegetation, which is mainly of sub-linear origin and is left in its natural state.

The botanical garden on the Isola Grande, founded in 1885 by Baroness Antoinette St. Leger, is unique in Switzerland. With more than 2,000 subtropical plant species, it is used for study and training purposes for professionals as well as for nature lovers, adults and children.

Azaleas, rhododendrons, Japanese hemp palms, numerous camellias, Japanese bananas, bamboo and ginkgo take visitors to the Far East.
From Australia come the huge eucalyptus trees (among the oldest at the southern foot of the Alps), broom heath, acacia. Shrubveronica, club lily and string tree take the visitor to New Zealand.

The Mediterranean is represented by sage, rosemary, holm oak, cork oak, Canary date palm, broad-leaved holm oak, strawberry tree heath and pine.


Children’s offer

Treasure hunt on the Brissago Islands
Children discover the hidden treasures on the island in a search game.

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